The Sundays of

Who We Are

The mission of Christ Our Hope is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Rooted in Scripture and our Anglican tradition, and nurtured by the sacraments, we strive to instill hope in the hearts of the hopeless, encourage trust in God for those searching for peace, and build a loving faith community to help one another along life's journey.

What We Do

We share the great story of God in winsome, thoughtful, and reflective ways.

We worship God according to the ancient tradition of the church, giving us link to the past while giving room for the Holy Spirit to work today.

We welcome others because the Gospel of Jesus Christ radically welcomes us to life in God and with each other.

What's Different

We worship according to the Anglican way. We are members of the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) and the Anglican Church in North America. Our services are from the Book of Common Prayer (2019), which is the latest in a long line of Anglican prayer books.
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