Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Christ Our Hope eagerly supports various missions and missionaries!
We seek, gather, and care for Christ’s scattered sheep living in nursing homes.  Uniquely, we approach ministry holistically.  We adopt everyone in the nursing home — residents and families, staff and management.  We love anyone and everyone, Christian and non-Christian.  We minister both to and with people, enabling the least of these, the destitute and dying, and the otherwise forgotten and put away, to be the local, missional church in each nursing home where they live with purpose, for the glory of God instead of just waiting to die.

We welcome other branches of Christ’s Church. Accordingly, we foster parish life including worship, comforting the dying and grieving, visiting the bedridden and sick, fellowship, prayer, Bible learning, pastoral care, special celebrations, friendships, and partaking of the sacraments.  We freely provide time-tested resources and support to help others begin and sustain similar ministries.

Bangladesh Missionary

We support Dr. Kris Prenger, a Physician who has dedicated her life to the mission at Lamb hospital in Parbatipur, Bangladesh.  Dr. Kris Prenger is a family practice physician with an MD from Ohio State University and a Masters of Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Since 1997, she has practiced clinical obstetrics/gynecology and has been a public health administrator at the Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh project (LAMB) in northwest Bangladesh. Her responsibilities also include planning for community leadership and health services for a total population of 550,000 residing in area villages.

LAMB has been working in health and development in the Dinajpur and Rangpur areas of north-west Bangladesh for nearly 30 years. Although Lamb is best known for its 150 bed hospital, over half of what Lamb does occurs in the surrounding community.

A few key points about LAMB:

Focus is to serve the poor
Aims for high quality in all that we do
Our five key elements are:

The hospital
Community activities
Training capability
Growing data research capability
LAMB is increasingly being recognized as a successful model for provision of health services to the poor.  We are a Mission hospital, and are here to serve God by serving the poor.

More about Lamb

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. It’s problems include

being one of the most densely populated countries in the world
a growing population
frequent natural disasters
inadequate health and education services
a history of inadequate governance
The vision for LAMB began in the early 1950s when a missionary of the American Santal Mission in Dinajpur felt and urgent need for medical work for the hundreds of thousands who had no access to proper healthcare. LAMB thereby has its foundations in providing health services around the communities of the area.

LAMB has grown considerably in its ability to serve. Now the hospital treats more than 60,000 out patients per year – (nearly 200 per day) and more than 9,000 in-patients per year for surgery or medical treatment, and focusing only on the potentially difficult births we still deliver more than 3,500 babies per year.

In the community LAMB has 28 static clinics including 18 safe delivery units spread over an area more than 80 km in length. The community activities however are much broader than clinics and cover a range of approaches to improving health. Work includes health focused awareness raising, nutrition improvement, technical support to other organisations and working with government. It also covers disaster preparedness and other aspects of community development
LAMB has now extended its service into provision of high quality training for third parties, primarily in the health area, and because of its access to a large archive of health and socio-economic data is increasingly called upon to assist in research programs.

LAMB now has more than 900 staff – mostly Bangladeshi but with a number of foreign staff to bring additional expertise.

Despite its growth, LAMB retains its original mission to serve God through serving the poor and underprivileged, particularly women and children. The blend of religions of our patients reflects fairly closely the proportions of the populations of the whole of Bangladesh.

We believe that LAMB is increasingly widely recognized for the high quality of its services for the poor, and we welcome being considered an example.

Maria Herman

We support Maria Herman, a music teacher in Nepal. She graduated with a BA in Music from Wright State University. Since 2022 she has been teaching music in Nepal. 
Christ our Hope supports our local Anglican Classical School, Dominion Academy of Dayton.

Dominion Academy’s academic program is based on a Classical model of education. Students are led through the three educational stages of learning:

First, students experience the knowledge (grammar) stage. In this case, grammar means “building blocks.” During this stage, students gain the basic knowledge of the subject.

Next, students enter the understanding (logic) stage by taking knowledge into their own understanding and evaluating it. They ask the questions, “Is it valid?” “Is it true?” “Why?” This obviously involves a great deal of critical thinking. Students are challenged to decide whether the information is correct or incorrect and make connections about cause and effect.

The final stage of learning is the wisdom (rhetoric) stage, where the focus is on learning to use effectively and beneficially what has been learned. Students incorporate the subject matter into their own understanding and allow it to change the way they are thinking or they reject the ideas as unworthy. Students learn to express opinions about the information they have accumulated and evaluated. The study of rhetoric is an elegant expression of these opinions through speech and writing.

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